“Suma Foods proudly offers gourmet Indian catering services for all occasions. We have the capacity and experience to provide end-to-end catering and event planning services for parties of 25 – 1,000+ people throughout the US. Choose from our customizable catering menu and inquire about our Event Planning and Party Rental services to begin planning your next event today!”


Catering Packages

“We strive to create a truly personal culinary experience for you according to your specific requirements and preferences. With countless menu combinations to suit every budget and taste, the packages shown below are just a few of our popular packages and starting prices. Prices vary according to the selected menu. Please inquire with our Sales Team for further detail.”

Silver Starting at $9.95 Gold Starting at $12.95 Non-Veg Starting at $14.95 Tandoor Starting at $15.95
Veg Appetizer Veg Appetizer Appetizer Kabab/Tikka
Kheer/Payasam Sweet/Dessert Sweet/Dessert Sweet/Dessert
Veg Entree 2 Veg Entree 1 Veg Entree 1 Veg Entree
Veg Pulav Pulav/Veg Biryani 1 Non-Veg Entree Tandoor Chicken/Lamb
Dal/Kadhi Dal/Kadhi Pulav/Veg Biryani Veg/Non-Veg Rice
Roti Roti Dal/Kadhi Roti/Paratha
Raita Raita Roti/Paratha Raita
Chutney Chutney Raita Chutney

Choose from some of our most popular menuitems. Menu to create your own combination.

Some restrictions apply. Spice level can be adjusted to taste. Halal meat options may incur additional charges.

Event Planning

“Successful events are always well-planned and executed in a professional and polished manner. We can help you in many aspects of your event to make it a grand success. Be a guest at your own party! We offer a one-stop shopping experience to avoid coordination headaches and last-minute scrambling. We can coordinate services for Weddings, Graduations, House Warmings and much more. Priests, Decorations, Halls, Music, DJs, Furniture, Entertainment; we can arrange it all. Experienced party personnel are also available by request to manage or service your event. Give our Events Team a call to discuss your next event.”

Party Rental

“We offer customers a variety of party equipment and materials for rental. Tables, chairs, tents, thermoses, and chafersare just a few of our most popular rentals. We also provide party personnel by the hour to manage and service your party. Contact our Events Team for additional inquiries regarding party rental services.”

Call us for availability and Rates.


  • Daily tiffin available from Tuesday to Friday at $5.99.
  • Minimum two options available each day.
  • Each package includes 2 Chapaties and Rice.
  • Sign up for whole month and get 10% off.

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1
Comb1 String Beans / Toor Daal Fry Cauliflower / Moong Daal Cabbage / Daal Methi Mutter Paneer / Sprouted Beans
Comb2 Toor Daal / Bhindi masala Moong Daal / Spinach Kadhi Daal Methi / Stuffed Eggplant Sprouted Beans / Potato Veg
Week 2
Comb1 Ridge Gourd (Toorai) / Masoor Daal Sprouted Mataki / Baingan Bharta Tindora / Toor Daal Daal Methi / Toor Beans
Comb2 Masoor Daal / Dahi Bhindi Sprouted Mataki / String Beans Kadhi/ Cauliflower, peas, carrot Toowar Beans / Daal Methi
Week 3
Comb1 Palak-paneer / Tindora Chana Methi / Eggplant-Potato Toorai / Sprouted Moong Bhindi Masala / Mix Daal
Comb2 Palak-paneer / Cabbage Chana Methi / Dudhi with Moong Daal Sprouted Moong / Spinach Kadhi Aloo Gobi / Mix Daal
Week 4
Comb1 String Beans / Masoor Daal Palak Daal / Ridge Gourd Cabbage / Chana Methi Kadhi Pakoda / Gawar
Comb2 Masoor Daal / Cabbage Palak Daal / Stuffed Karela Chana Methi / Bhindi Masala Kadhi Pakoda / Mix Veg
Week 5
Comb1 Moong Daal / Baingan Bharta Kohlrabi(Nawalkol Dry) / Sprouted Beans Kadhi Gola / Mutter Paneer Chef's Special
Comb2 Moong Daal / Spinach with garlic Sprouted Beans / Tindora Toor Beans / Kadhi Gola Chef's Special